Justin has a deep passion for sharing his love of music with others, and for many years he has taught students of all ages with great success. He feels it is important to inspire and encourage music in other people’s lives, and to share the great enjoyment and skills in learning to others willing. Openings are still available where Justin teaches in Auckland, New Zealand; both at Bird Music Studio in Mangere Bridge, and Remuera Music Academy in Remuera.

Five reasons to choose Justin as your piano teacher:

  • Lessons are customizable for each student, and we allow you to learn the music you want to play
  • Theory tuition is included to enhance music reading and understanding
  • Scholarships available for some students
  • Online lessons available through tonerow.com anywhere in the world!
  • End of semester recitals are held for performance opportunities



“We have been very blessed to have Justin teach several of our children piano lessons for a couple of years. He is wonderful! He is a fantastic pianist and can teach all levels. He has high expectations, and can push the kids without discouraging them or scaring them off. I cannot recommend him too highly.” – Connie O’Brien

“Justin was such an awesome piano teacher. We learned a lot from him and had a lot of fun.” – Christopher, Matther, and Benjamin Lowes

“Was very helpful and supportive. Most importantly, he knew how to help me improve from where I was and what I needed to focus on. He had exercises I could do to prepare for my next lesson.” – Christian Clark

“My son, daughter, and I take lessons from Justin and Annabel and would highly recommend them for lessons for both children and adults. They are clear with instruction, patient and give valuable feedback to keep your skills improving.” – Eric Scheper

“Justin is a wonderful teacher and person. He meets you at your level and helps you become a better musician, starting where you need to be. He is very flexible with his times, and works with the music you want to learn.” – Addy Kao

“While our regular teacher was out for an extended leave we used Justin to teach our three children. He was an amazing teacher, very down to earth and an incredibly talented pianist. We thoroughly enjoyed the year we had lessons with him and we would highly recommend him.” – Wendy Portukalian

“I had classes with Justin and enjoyed it a lot. He was very flexible that I could choose my own pieces to play. He offered great guidance and advice to improve my playing. I would highly recommend him!” – Jie Ma

“Thank you for helping me experience piano and the music I can make. I enjoyed your humor and it’s been fun learning from you.” – Daniel Wells

“Fantastic piano lessons! Justin’s love for music provides a warm and open environment to learn” – Dayna Chandler

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IMG_0365.JPGJustin with some of his students in Omaha, NE

DSC_6493Justin with some of his students in Bloomington, IN